About Me

It’s been said that “experience is the best teacher”. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Hi, I’m Sharee

I’m a business owner, blogger, mom, and lover of nature.

I’m also a multi-potentialite who wears many different hats in a professional capacity. While I don’t advocate for running yourself into the dirt, I do believe we can create our own opportunities —in addition to the ones that come knocking…occasionally.

When I’m not busy consulting, educating personal finance clients, or writing, you can usually find me watching a medical drama, spending time with my family, enjoying hot yoga, or a nice book. I am also a qualified tax professional and CFEI. 

Cash Coin Saavy was created out of a passion for personal finance that I discovered a few years ago.

Like most people in my generation, I’d also racked up tens of thousands in debt via college, changed careers due to a bad economic recession, and (many times in life) my finances were lacking.

At the time I’d dabbled in the stock market briefly but as the days went by I’d look up the companies stock info via Seeking Alpha. Eventually, I discovered personal finance blogs and the book “The Millionaire Next Door”.

But something was still missing…

That turned into a thirst for knowledge in as many areas of finance as possible including following the F.I.R.E. movement, learning about stocks, options, passive income investing, real estate investing, house flipping….you get the message…

So as I share my tips, payoff my remaining debts, and inspire others, hopefully, you gain a bit of knowledge on the site to help you on your personal journey that makes you laugh, cry, or accomplish your goals along the way…