RateBunni: The Socially Responsible Funding Tool for Digitally Savvy Consumers

Image Credit: RateBunni

These days more and more people are taking on debt to do basic things like purchase a vehicle, go to college or finance a wedding. But when it comes to finding a lender that will consider a wide range of criteria…people often come up short. The big banks…like the ones too big to fail, continue to maintain an ever-present monopoly on the who…what…when…where…why someone may receive favorable loan terms.

That is, until one day a brilliant group of executives got fed up with the status quo, and created RateBunni. No longer does the average consumer have to shy away from the things that matter from fear of missing out on a solid financial future, massive existing debt, or lack of attaining the seemingly elusive perfect credit score. With RateBunni you can access an entire network of lenders each with its own social profile.

Not only are you able to view things like the time frame in which your loan could be funded, but also factors such as how diversified they are as an employer…and what type of rates they offer. And unlike most lending applications that require you to input a host of information into a computer, they require none. RateBunni is perfect for the digitally savvy consumer who likes mobile access at their fingertips. It’s like trying out the package risk-free before you decide to buy.

Ladies and gentlemen, the carrot đŸ¥• is finally yours!

“It’s more difficult to find a community bank these days than it is to find a shoe store”- Anonymous

What is RateBunni?

RateBunni is a tool that aggregates over 500 lenders tailored to your specific needs. Its non-data-specific approach allows you exclusive access to their network with no sign-up information needed…aside from a simple email address. Unlike a typical system that requires you to submit all of your personal information, and running multiple credit checks —RateBunni puts you in control. Why? Because they let you choose the lenders that you want to work with.

After inputting non-identifiable information such as you’re credit score range and ideal loan amount. you’re immediately matched with a full list of local lenders within a specific geographical radius. You can then save, compare, and dig deeper into each lender based on their social profile. That’s right. Each profile contains information such as employee diversity, lender size, funding time, and customer ratings.

Image Source: RateBunni.com

Who is RateBunni for?

RateBunni was developed with the digitally savvy or everyday consumer in mind. The founders wanted to give people the ability to choose a loan that works for them, without the hassle of competing with traditional banking hours—or rush hour traffic —or missing days of work, just to take a trip to the bank.

The tool is deemed as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to qualifications due to the ability to connect users with a substantially large network of lenders. These days most people are socially conscious and want to support local businesses as much as they can. RateBunni not only gives you the ability to support local but with an eighty-eight percent larger network than typical loan sites…they’re almost guaranteeing that there’s a 9 out of 10 chance that you’re going to end up satisfied every time.

Also, with the credit scoring system being tighter than ever these days, RateBunni wanted to ensure that as many consumers as possible could have a shot. So there are no minimum credit scores, no base debt requirements, and no income requirements. Each lender was specifically handpicked to support members of their local community across all spectrums.

“There’s so much information out there on getting a loan that it can overwhelming.”- Project Manager, Wallet Wizard


RateBunni may not have all of the bells and whistles of a mobile banking application but there are definitely some key perks:

  • Streamlined for use on mobile and the web
  • Provides real time customer reviews of lending institutions
  • Aggregates full lender network database in less than 30 seconds
  • Saas application for an easy to use interface
  • No personal information required
  • Includes a rate trend and loan comparison tool
  • Custom notifications for rate decreases
  • Integrated search tool to access favorite lenders list


  • Gives you full control of your choice in lender
  • Provides you a full loan repayment analysis to optimize your budget
  • Saves time by elimating unneccesary trips to the bank
  • Over 500 lenders to choose from
  • Bridges the gap between customer access and inconvenient bank hours

Image Credit: RateBunni.com


  • Exclusive access to over 500 lenders
  • Accepts credit scores across all bands
  • No debt restrictions
  • Unbiased platform not based on underlying revenues
  • Fully online process from start to finish
  • Provides frequent alerts on rate changes to save you money


  • Not yet available in all fifty states
  • Available to U.S. consumers only


  • Is there a premium for using RateBunni’s services?
  • No, using the tool is absolutely free as there are no sign-up fees or hidden fees.
  • What is the minimum credit score to qualify?
  • RateBunni does not require any credit score to access their network. They simply enable you to access information based on their lenders based and criteria that you select.
  • Why isn’t my zip code coming up in the database?
  • RateBunni is currently licensed in several different states with more being added as allowed. Please check back regularly for an updated list.
  • Do I need to meet a specific income requirement?
  • The loan process itself is governed by each individual lender. Please contact them regarding their specifications.
  • Is there a maximum debt amount that I can qualify for?
  • While RateBunni does not require any minimum debt amount to apply for the lenders in it’s network, any maximum debt ratio is determined by multiple factors that will be discussed during each lenders application process.


” Thank you for this product” – A.S.

” I was looking for something similar like this” – H.B.

“I think that this product is awesome and will eliminate alot of people’s issues with finding a loan” – Anonymous

“This is a great solution to a big problem in the market” – C.Z.

“This looks awesome, if any one can disrupt this space…it’s definitely you” A.E.

“Super useful product . This is a great solution”- S.C.


Image Credit: ProductHunt.com

RateBunni ranks number one among users including participants in their beta testing. With the features, benefits, and stellar offerings, it’s not hard to tell that this product is going to be an industry disruptor. As a top-voted product on fintech and product creation website Product Hunt, this tool quickly caught the eye of over three hundred tech and web developers in a matter of weeks.


So there you have it, folks. RateBunni definitely wins the seal of approval. And if you thought a network of over 500 lenders wasn’t enough…these guys are taking it a step further. By the Fall not only will you be able to find the perfect funding for your personal and auto loan needs—you will be able to throw your burdensome student loans or home loans into the mix. That’s essentially a one-stop-shop for your financing woes.

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