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25 Quick Income Ideas When You’re in a Cash Crunch

tired mother with black boy
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It’s the middle of the month and most people are doing one of a few things—going back to work, getting kids ready for school, or looking for extra income. Many companies are requiring workers to return to the office. That means extra costs. Daycare tuition increased fuel costs and that all too familiar out-to-lunch budget. Chai Latte anyone?

Making the shift from commute-free days, Ristorante a la Home, and wardrobe-free pajama days certainly isn’t easy…Especially if you are struggling to make ends meet. A little extra money can go a long way between paychecks, Child Tax Credit stimulus, and delayed tax refunds. If you find yourself in a pinch or cash crunch, there are many ways to get that extra sigh of relief. Because sometimes tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

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Drive for Delivery Services

If you have a vehicle then you can make some serious cash doing delivery for companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Favor, and Instacart. They offer many perks like flexible hours, instant payouts, and great tips… You can get started by quickly registering …and be on your way to earning money today!

Survey Participation

Spending time on the internet can be resourceful …but it can also earn you a great deal of money. As a matter of fact, you can get paid to simply offer your opinion. There are hundreds of companies who want to know what you as customers think. What better way to get some of those hard-earned shopping dollars back? I’ve used many of these survey companies myself to earn a few extra hundred bucks…

Remote Classes

One thing that never gets old is getting an education…brushing up on a skill…or getting a new one altogether. To pass time between homeschooling my own kids, that’s exactly what I did. Sometimes the best way to increase your cash flow is to market yourself in ways that you may not have ever imagined. Or maybe you have…

Educational institutions have been offering online classes for at least the past decade. It’s easier than ever to take classes or get a quick certification that works around your schedule. While there are many to choose from, here’s a couple that won’t break the bank. All you need is a laptop and a few hours a day.

1.) Code Academy– A free platform where you can learn all of the latest computer programs like Python, Java, C++, and Ruby.

2.) Learning 247– A U.K.-based academy that will train you on everything from Adobe Illustrator to Online Tutoring… Sign up now for 20% off of selected vocations…

3.) Expert Rating– These guys will get you certified for a career in Medical Billing and Coding for $99.00 —which is far less than the latest pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes.

4.) Udemy – Choose a course for all skill levels…at your own pace, from around the world.

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Set Up A Blog

Blogging has slowly grown to be a $1,000,000,000 business…and one of the most popular forms of income. There are currently over 570 million blogs that exist today. You can get set up in less than an hour with little more than a domain name, hosting service, and an area of expertise.

These are five bloggers who have been crushing it for years in the high-income blogging department:

  1. Making Sense of Cents -Michelle Schroeder- Gardner
  2. Writing Revolt– Jorden Roper
  3. Gen Y Finance Guy– Dominic
  4. What Mommy Does– Lena Gott
  5. Practical Wanderlust– Lia & Jeremy

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing takes on many different shapes and sizes. You can pick a niche to gain lots of clients. Or branch off into other areas that interest you. The registration process is short and convenient on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Constant Content. Projects on these sites are typically listed immediately and once you get started the pay is virtually guaranteed.

Pet Sitting

For all of my animal lovers out there….here’s your chance to make sure that man’s best friend …or fur baby…or water companion…or sidekick is well looked after. So if you’ve got a few spare hours on your hands, be sure to sign up for the pet sitting services below. The owners will thank you handsomely.

House Watching

Have you ever wanted to travel but were unsure of how you would pay for accommodations? Well, now you can visit any town in the world …potentially without paying more than airfare, groceries, and medical expenses. House watching/house sitting has had explosive growth over the past few years. Trusted House Sitters lets you experience the world. Anywhere. From your own backyard. To a villa in Tuscany, and everything in-between.

silhouette photography of jump shot of two persons
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to take your online content to the next level. If you like to write, blog, post on social media platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram—then you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Check out these top four programs ….and see what they can do for you. You just might end up one day worth a million dollars.

Personal Loans

In an emergency situation, you might to need to get your hands on a pretty large sum of cash immediately. While title loans or pawning items are not recommended due to the ability to lose ownership of those items..there are some alternatives. A personal loan can leverage your credit score and cash flow to provide you with some quick relief. Here are a few that come highly recommended:

  1. RateBunniExclusive unbiased access to a network of over 300 lenders. No minimum debt required.
  2. Personal Loan Pro Get up to $50,000 with a soft credit check.
  3. LightStream– Beginning APR as low as 2.9% with flexible payment terms.

Second Jobs

Getting a second job is something that we’ve all considered at one time or another in our lives. It’s a surefire way to make sure that you can cover essentials, raise a family and have something left over for a rainy day. And while some people do it out of necessity—others make it a choice.

What that looks like for you may be entirely different for your neighbor…and here are a few places that always have extra work:

  1. Craigslist– One of the oldest online job search platforms to get a job in minutes…hours…days
  2. Indeed– A job search board that connects employers,recruiters and jobseekers around the country
  3. FlexJobs– Membership site (paid)boasating almost 30,000 work from home opportunities
  4. Zip Recruiter– Like having a recruiter in your back pocket…any job…anytime…anywhere
  5. Monster– Providing jobs, resume tips and interview skills at your fingertips
  6. LinkedIn Jobs– The original social networking platform for business …now taiored for your job search
  7. JobScan-Where your job search meets LinkedIn and AI powered technology for success
  8. OverEmployed– The ultimate taboo—for those brazen enough to flip the remote style job economy on it’s head

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are more competitive these days than they ever were. And the rewards programs don’t disappoint. From cash back on purchases…to airline miles… to shopping discounts…there’s a perk for everyone. If you’re looking to cash in on the action, then these offers will be sure to fill up your wallet.

Task Work

Have you tried your hand at task work? It’s also known as gig work or side hustling. You can do small tasks ranging from having a recorded phone conversation to dropping off someone’s dry cleaning. All for different variations of pay. The gig work culture is definitely here to stay. Just ask the other 57.3 million folks taking advantage of their day like nobody’s business.

  • One Forma – Get paid to help with A.I. powered voice recognition,translate documents and more
  • Gig Walk– This mobile powered technology lets you just turn on your phone and get paid to shop
  • TaskRabbit– Lets you do any task from cleaning to packing a house with a simple background check

Mystery Shopping

Now I have to admit, I love shopping at times just like the next person…within reason that is. And if you’re like me, getting a little lunch or stopping for some knick-knacks on the way goes with the territory. What’s better than that? Getting paid to do both. Coyle Hospitality and ISecretShop will pay you to visit all of your favorite restaurants and stores. All you have to do is provide an honest review of the service you receive. Coyle Hospitality will even reimburse you for a percentage of your meals.


Calling all keyboard experts! You may have only heard of transcription used in well-known fields such as medical or court reporting. But did you know that companies like TranscribeMe and Atexto hire typists and transcriptionists for projects? You could be anywhere in the world and get paid to type out audio clips of conversations ranging from banking to customer service.

Music Reviews

Music Reviews give you the chance to listen to songs by up-and-coming artists. You know… before they become famous. It’s sites like Slice The Pie, Earnably, and Hit Predictor which allow you to earn cash for letting a tune flow through your ears. Next time you go to your favorite artist’s concert …remember that you can contribute to the next Billboard 100…a song at a time.

purple fireworks effect
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Book Publishing

Have you ever wanted to write your way to royalties? Well, freelance writing and copywriting aren’t the only ways to go about it. By becoming a book publisher you can flex your writing chops. And build lifetime residual income for yourself. Hulu recently did an expose about women who have made millions writing romance novels…Who knew? Sites like Amazon Kindle Publishing, Smashwords, and iBooks let you put the power of a written word in the palm of your hand. Not quite sure? There are literally thousands of genres to choose from.

Check Your Closet

The next time that you go through your wardrobe you may want to consider who else might be able to benefit from it. Especially if you’re a fashionista. Many online marketplaces will not only take your gently used items…but pay you top dollar for the latest trends.

Yard Services

Yard services are a great way to raise some extra cash. No matter what state, country, province, or continent you live on…somebody will always need some type of yard work performed. You could get paid to cut your neighbor’s grass in California, shovel their snow in Michigan…or trim their roses in Italy. The best part is that you will set the price.

Child Sitting

Child sitting aka babysitting is one of the oldest jobs in the world. I mean…who doesn’t need their kid watched from time to time? If you have children of your own… you’re likely viewed as a built-in babysitter. For those who don’t already have kids and want to gain experience taking care of little ones…I’d suggest registering with sites like Angie’s List or Care.com. They’re two of the best in the business….and the pay is nothing to sneeze at.

Loan Out Your Car

A spare car in the garage doesn’t have to just sit there. If you’re not comfortable driving passengers around or performing other tasks…you can still put it to good use. You can actually get paid for letting someone else borrow your ride.

Become A Tour Guide

Living in a big city can pay off at times…especially if you know the lay of the land well. An estimated 1.1 million visitors have come to the United States this year alone! Why not become a tour guide…so that you can show them around the city and help create lasting memories.

Mountain, Tourist, Hiking, Walking, Explorer

YouTube Personality

YouTube personalities have enjoyed tremendous success. There are kids getting millions of dollars per year unboxing toys. If you have an outgoing personality and a camera…then there’s no limit to your earning potential. You can check out some nice pointers for getting started with The YouTube Formula.


You know what they say…”don’t mess with a woman and her hair“… and during the height of the pandemic that’s one luxury that even government officials didn’t want to part with…naturally. So if you’ve got the skills to pay the bills–then by all means let your hands do the talking. You could rake in some serious coins as a hairstylist. And be prettier all the while.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are business owners or writer’s dream. Handling multiple tasks, phone calls, and meetings—so that we can do what we do best. To acquire the skills you need the proper training. Because patience is a virtue. Kayla Sloan has a program over at 10KVA, where she teaches you how to acquire $10,000 a month.


Couponing is more of a sport than a hobby. Just ask the Extreme Couponers who have made turned thousand-dollar trips into free-for-alls. They even got cashback. Now you might not make an extra paycheck out of this one but you will definitely feel like you did with all of the savings. All that you need to get started is your local Shoppers Voice and a really good binder.

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