The Pandemic Bounce Back: How You Can Fare Better

As the pandemic has worn down and the country is beginning to readjust people are getting back to their normal lives…well as much as it can be …

By now you’re either contemplating returning to the daily grind of your job, jumped ship for a better opportunity—or changed careers altogether…

In the next couple of months, the country will be open full swing … Lots of you have been itching for a chance to enjoy more visiting, traveling, spending, and for some living it up.

No matter your financial situation, day-to-day routine, or career endeavors post-pandemic… You can bounce back stronger than ever or at least add a few notches to an idealistic lifestyle.

Reassess Your Life Goals

When we reach certain stages in our lives, we often tell ourselves we will get there in a set amount of time. But if this past year and a half have shown us anything… it’s that life is too short. There’s no time like to present to look at those lofty goals you set for yourself at different stages in life and accomplish some of them early… Or create some new ones.

Spruce Up Your Savings Budget

Considering all of the fluctuations with the stock market, credit being tightened— and over a year of round-the-clock childcare expenses, it’s not difficult to imagine being outside of your budget a time…or two…or three… in the recent months.

So if that’s you, well you’re just like the other 62 percent of the country who have endured financial setbacks or hardships during the pandemic. Not only is it time to redo your household budget overall— but it might do you some justice to add a few extra dollars to your savings plan as well.

Check Your Credit Health Status

Houses are being snapped up at a record pace this year… most of them sight unseen. There’s also a massive shortage of chips for electronic vehicles which has the potential to push prices higher …Translation… higher prices … longer loan terms… a tighter credit market…

So let me ask you, have your credit lately? Most lenders prefer a credit score of at least 600 in a down market. If you’re one of the thousands of people who have a tendency or necessity to overspend on those credit cards—then you need to check out your credit health. You can get your free monthly report via some credit card companies, yearly at, or weekly until April of 2022 via each of the individual bureaus.

Take Out That Bucket List

If you’ve been sticking to your guns, keeping all of your expenses paid, and have at least six months of living expenses tucked away in savings… then why not treat yourself? Not just any kind of treatment but a bucket list type of splurge. It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars—but a few hundred won’t hurt this once either… So go ahead and grab that list. A cruise, island getaway, family vacation or bungee jumping excursion, or skydiving adventure may be all it takes to invigorate you. You just might thank yourself later…

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