The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.

T.T. Munger

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  • 25 Quick Income Ideas When You’re in a Cash Crunch

    tired mother with black boy

    It’s the middle of the month and most people are doing one of a few things—going back to work, getting kids ready for school, or looking for extra income. Many companies are requiring workers to return to the office. That means extra costs. Daycare tuition increased fuel costs and that all too familiar out-to-lunch budget. […]

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  • Seven Ways $1,000 Can Make Life Easier Right Now

    These days $500 is quite a bit of money considering many Americans don’t have enough in their emergency funds to cover a $400 expense. So imagine what you could do if you suddenly found yourself in the possession of an extra $1,000 to spend or use on anything that you desired. The possibilities are endless… […]

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  • How I Increased My Credit Score By 200 Points with Six Simple Moves

    A few years ago I pulled my credit report and ordered my triple credit scores. What I saw literally shocked me. My credit score was pretty bad…and I don’t mean 10 points way from 700 bad either. I was in need of some major credit repair…or a cosigner…or both. Luckily for me, I decided that […]

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  • First Day Vitamins Review: Budget Tested and Mom Approved

    First Day Multivitamins

    As the school year has approached and many of you are sending your children back to school and even making the trek back to the office. In normal times…let’s face it, kids get sick.  However, as the pandemic rages on their safety is your number one priority. Providing them with a healthy diet is only […]

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  • How to Spruce Up Your Budget in Three Easy Steps

                                       Image Credit: Unsplash: Kyle Broad When it comes to your budget, like most people the easiest part is creating one. You may go for months obsessing over every dime and documenting your purchases like crazy.  But, sometimes a good thing doesn’t last and sticking to it becomes nearly impossible. Life has an uncanny way of […]

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